Made Possible by our New DJI Inspire Drone

In the world of marketing, drones are an emerging technology and the potential they have to create stunning visual content is sought after by many brands and companies. As a creative agency, we’ve been toying with the idea for a few years now, of helping our clients by utilizing drone technology through creative avenues. With our DJI Inspire drone, we have the potential to create strategic and innovative video content through a fresh perspective that can be targeted just for your audience!

We believe that in marketing, you need to be able to tell your story well, and with the use of drone technology, we can tell stories in a way that previously could never be told. It is imperative that as an Agency we stay on top of the latest trends and keep up with the latest technology. This is our larger drone, which we acquired this year and it has a bit of a story itself. It was first used on-set with Billy Bob Thornton on the Amazon drama series Goliath! This DJI Inspire 1 RAW X5R, flies like crazy and can capture 12-bit RAW video in 4k, allowing us to take DNG RAW recording, which minimizes compression while maximizing latitude for image manipulation in post. In short, this drone will let us capture video with breathtaking imagery that may not have been able to be captured before.

We are so excited about all that we can do for our clients and for all the new projects we have in store. Our new DJI Inspire drone will promote quick, efficient, and productive marketing, and we can’t wait to watch it soar!

Let’s see how we can utilize our capabilities and create something unique that sets you apart in this hectic world of constant commercialized media.