Helping Killer Burger Define its Brand Identity


Have you ever had a peanut butter and pickle burger? It’s the closest your taste buds will ever get to experiencing Disneyland. Or for the perfect hangover cure, try ‘The Bender’. With bacon, BBQ sriracha sauce and crispy jalapeños, it’s bound to put a spring in your step. These unique takes on the traditional burger are the culinary innovations that Killer Burger is known for. The popularity of Killer Burger spread fast and after announcing the opening of an 8th location, they reached out to us for some branding work. Like many brands that grow too fast, somewhere along the road Killer Burger started to lose touch with its identity. Music would be too loud, employees were handing out burgers to their roommates, and the place ended up as a hospice for partiers that may have indulged a little too much. As founder TJ Southard put it, “the party got out of hand.” Killer Burger has always been a place of good times and a fun atmosphere, but when the party turns into a ‘rager’, it’s time to reevaluate some things.

When Killer Burger approached us, we were initially asked to redesign their website but we soon found out they needed much more than that. Killer Burger needed a message that solidified their identity. This identity needed to resonate with both a family dinner as well as concertgoers and Trail Blazer fans. Working together with the client, we began to develop and expand a concept called ‘Commit to the Burger’. We found ‘Commit to the Burger’ so appealing because it really has two sides to it. If you’ve ever eaten at Killer Burger then you’re aware how much commitment it requires to finish an entire burger. They’re huge! But ‘Commit to the Burger’ is also a testament to Killer Burger’s dedication to their craft. The burgers are priority #1. Everything else comes second.

With ‘Commit to the Burger’ the message that expressed Killer Burger’s identity, we developed and launched their website, improved their internal communications systems and replaced their text-based menu with one that visually showed off the deliciously attractive qualities of each burger. Website visitors could easily find the closest Killer Burger restaurant to their location and those looking to join the Killer Burger team could view available job openings.

When Killer Burger partnered with us, their web presence was dramatically elevated resulting in increased in-store sales across all eight locations. Not only that but they enjoyed an increase in job inquiries and the hiring and retention of new team members. A strong and authentic brand identity is essential to succeed, and Killer Burger is primed and ready for national growth.