Achieve Your Desires: Behind the Story


When you think of a BMW commercial the focus is primarily on the performance. How fast, how strong, and how powerful this luxury vehicle is. The brand has done a great job at solidifying these aspects into their messaging. With our commercial, we wanted to take all these attributes of the BMW brand and communicate them through the actions of the driver and the people engaged with the car. If you’ve ever driven a BMW then you know firsthand just how enticing the relationship between driver and vehicle can be.


Our concept is essentially a love triangle between a couple and their car. The psychology of this concept is deeply rooted in the relationship between jealousy and envy. Psychologists have defined jealousy as occurring when something we already possess is being threatened by another person, or in this case, car. Envy occurs when we lack something enjoyed by another. While often used simultaneously, jealousy is a three-person situation and is the reaction to the threat of losing something. Envy is a two-person situation and is the reaction to lacking something.


In our story, the girl experiences jealousy at first. Her guy’s attention is solely focused on the enjoyment he gets out of driving this car. She feels threatened by it. As the story progresses, she realizes it's the experience of driving the car that she was after all along. Her jealousy has transitioned into envy for the enjoyment that driving the car provides.


Human emotions are complex and the actions and motives of our characters revolve around them. A BMW is desirable. What would you do to get behind the wheel?