The Art Of Creating Your Own Tool (Pt. 3)


“Sometimes there are things you love to do that you forget about, so put your energy in the things that you love. Put all the energy you can into these things and see what happens.” Art director turned yoga instructor, Michelle Pfennighaus made this point in the 2009 documentary Lemonade, and it really hit home for us. Lemonade revolves around the stories of several agency professionals who lost their jobs and then found their calling because of it. Designers, copywriters, and strategists, all from a large, corporate background, took their skills and experience and became coffee roasters, painters, and film makers. Each individuals story was compelling because they listened to the little voice in their head that asks ‘What if..?’.



This is the mindset we had when we set about on our crane project. While filming, the crane is mounted on the car roof of a camera car and is used to film moving vehicles from any angle and any direction you want. It takes five people to operate our crane. A driver, crane controller, cameraman, focus puller, and director, all working toward an end goal. In a way, this reflects how we operate as an agency. Every member of our team is unified toward a single purpose and whether that is creating a campaign for a client or rebranding a small business, we’re doing it because it’s what we love.

We didn’t spend the time to construct this mobile camera crane because we were obligated to, but because it was a dream of ours. We were directing our energy into something that we loved. We answered our ‘What if..?’ question and we’re better because of it.


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