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West Coast Drape


Drapes — so visible yet so often unnoticed — are the critical elements that can transform a rented space into a luxurious event.

As the leading drapery company on the west coast, WCD has provided services to Nike, MTV, The Grammys and even the President himself. Even with such a high profile portfolio, there was a lack of understanding of what exactly West Coast Drape did. Drapes? What exactly is that?

After gathering initial research, the strategy was set to focus on two key factors. First, create a website that visually educates visitors on the value that WCD brings to every event. Second, transform the “business card” aspect of their website into a strategic partner that gathers potential leads for the sales team to follow up on.


Unlike before where the non-responsive website simply listed services and a few pictures, the new strategy told success stories. Each story showcased a different case study with gallery images, videos, and client testimony, all built within a responsive framework.


No matter how attractive a website may appear, it has to function strategically at the end of the day. We incorporated a call to action form that was integrated with a 3rd party CRM platform for the sales team. The solution not only added value to the website, but additionally simplified the work flow for their entire sales team.


WCD has always had great demos setup at conferences and conventions. However, their generic slideshow videos did not present the same level of professionalism. To meet this need, we created two different types of videos. The first was a simple motion graphic that transformed the slideshow into something worth watching. Second, a testimonial video was created geared toward the wedding market to communicate the opportunity for brides to create a memorable wedding event. This was accompanied with its own campaign micro-site.


The Results

Overall the outcome exceeded their expectations. Presentation of West Coast Drape as a high-end quality brand was elevated, and their website became an essential business-building tool that they had been missing.

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