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Online Ordering Increases Sales for Local Sushi Chain


As a popular destination for the highest quality sushi, Momiji’s five locations are challenged by the limited size of their restaurants. With a reputation for amazing Japanese food at a friendly price, it’s often hard to find a seat during popular dining times. Customers often choose not to endure a long wait and potential sales are lost.



Working with 100Seven, Momiji explored ways that technology could be a solution to their challenges. By upgrading the website and adding an online ordering functionality, the chain would be able to tap into the expanding take out and home delivery markets.  


The path to implementation involved a 3-phase approach to put Momiji on the wave to success - the Build-out, the Roll-out, and the Shout-out.


The Build-Out
Phase one involved identifying an online ordering solution that would best meet the requirements of Momiji’s multi-unit chain. With this choice made, 100Seven’s web development team integrated the ordering function within the website, and worked to assure all operational systems were in place to assure easy operation for their individual restaurants.


The Roll-Out
It’s one thing to have online ordering, but if customers aren’t aware of the option it’s destined to sit unused. To prepare creative elements that will build awareness, the creative team at 100Seven utilized their video, photography, and graphic design expertise to highlight the skills of Master Chef Bruce, and the amazing visuals of his edible creations.


The Shout-Out
To spread the word, we embarked upon a social media advertising blitz that raised awareness of Momiji’s new online ordering system.  By testing multiple pay-per-click platforms with various ad types and creative elements, we identified the best methods for Momiji to expand their digital reach and remind customers to order their favorite sushi online for pick-up or delivery.



• Successfully implemented online ordering on  
• Designed multiple creative elements for ongoing organic and paid social media promotion.
• Attained great growth in store orders, returning customers and online orders.