Keep Portland Hip

Hip Furniture


Summer is all about enjoying the sunshine and hanging out. What if we did exactly that?

There is something powerful when a brand starts a conversation with its customer. It’s even more powerful when the brand goes out of its way to bring its product to a public park and ask people what their thoughts are. Make it interesting and fun, and it will be an encounter they remember.

We knew Hip needed to get out and spark up conversation with the people of Portland. So we crafted a visually stimulating attraction, drove it into a park and invited people to hop on. The experience itself was very simple and as we invited people to try out the furniture we asked them a simple question. What makes Portland hip?


Partnering up with Portland Craft Brew Fest for the first event, we parked our abstract living room at Fields Park in the Pearl District. Like an attraction, it screamed for attention as people passed by in amusement. The message itself was simple, Keep Portland Hip. We were not selling furniture, but simply having a conversation and celebrating how great our city has become.


The Results

The turn out exceeded our expectations. Throughout the 3 day event, roughly 10,000 people entered Fields Park. With a monumental 6,500 conversations and 100 interviews in our mobile living room, we additionally reached 100,000 social media impressions on Facebook, Medium, Periscope, Twitter and Instagram.