Investing into the future

David Douglas School District


Curriculum Resource Platform for Teachers

When a school district sets out to break new ground by providing the best technology support for their teachers, many find that expensive corporate software solutions just don’t cater to the unique needs of their district. For the David Douglas School District (DDSD), their search for a custom-built, long-term solution for its teachers led to 100SEVEN.


Their vision was cast for a robust, scalable and flexible content management system that would house the district’s digital assets and multimedia resources. But with a district of active educators who are just as likely to access materials on phones and tablets than through traditional desktops, the solution began with a mobile-first mentality. From there it had to play well with others, as this new platform was required to integrate into the family of apps the District already offered within a single sign-on environment.

In trying to organize a complex web of available materials, our User Interface Designers started with a clean slate to rethink the entire user experience from a mobile perspective. Whether the teacher was on a tablet, a smartphone or a laptop, there needed to be a fluid process to access the appropriate content in the fewest number of clicks or taps.


By designing a simple navigation that tamed the complexity of accessing DDSD’s whole range of content, teacher can quickly find the desired content they seek. This ease of use also provides opportunities to explore and discover additional resources that they may not have been aware that can enhance their teaching effectiveness.

Launching the new platform was a complete success. Teachers found the interface easy to use which provided a smooth and seamless transition into the new technology.