Impress Yourself. Get Hip.

Hip Furniture


A sofa is more than just a piece of furniture. It’s kinda a part of your life.

In life we do things to impress others. This can be reflected through what we say and what we buy, but do these things really impress ourselves? So we asked the question, what truly impresses you?

Hip came to us with a few challenges. While they offered a diverse selection of prestige & modern furniture, their website wasn’t accurately expressing that. In addition to an image problem, there was a logistics problem when it came to keeping customers informed with the latest lines available inside their showroom. We modeled their ideal customer and designed a simple and clean web experience which attracted the user. The outcome was so impactful that Hip asked us to expand our work into a full 360 campaign for the entire brand.


We found that there’s a growing trend in our culture of impressing other people. We live in a world of incredible gadgets and instant sharing capabilities. Hashtags, likes, and insta-fame are contagious. We can easily show the world our impressive string of accomplishments, purchases, and adventures.

Our state of mind transitions from personal success to impressing other people with these achievements on a daily basis. It seems, though, that we’ve lost the aspiration to impress ourselves. The source of our own happiness has become a diluted strive for validation from other people, instead of our own selves. So we proposed a simple thought: Impress yourself.


The Results

By the end of the campaign, we not only maintained the furniture store industry growth rate, but we exceeded it by 8%. With an estimated 200K+ impressions on social media we established Hip’s brand in the social media world among the different networks. In the end, our work set and established a foundation with which Hip can thrive and continue its growth.

“Stellar. As I’ve said before. 100SEVEN is the most incredible web and marketing company I have come to know in my 33 year retail career, given that the internet didn’t even exist for many of those years. Thanks 100SEVEN”
— Dave, CEO of Hip Furniture