Be An Early Adopter: Your Business Needs a Mobile App


Wallet, keys, smartphone. The three items we hope to have on our person at all times. The absence of one is enough to cause a small panic attack, but this speaks especially for our mobile device. Aside from making phone calls, our mobile devices are what connect us to our social circles. They can single-handedly run a massive array of applications that can serve just about any conceivable purpose.

This is why more and more businesses are creating their own mobile apps.

Mobile apps aren’t just for colossal brands like Starbucks and McDonalds. There has been a massive surge of small and midsize businesses that have made the realization that there is more to an effective mobile strategy than just having a mobile-friendly website. The value that an app can bring your brand is immense. These are just a few of the ways your business can benefit from developing an app.


Brand Awareness

Having a mobile app for your business or brand can provide immense value to your customers while giving your brand recognition a boost. No matter the purpose of your app, the main thing is that you're creating a direct form of communication with your target market. Through this direct marketing channel, you're developing trust with your customers through an application that they'll love, and building trust paves the road to brand loyalty.

Customer Engagement

A recent study has shown us that the average American spends roughly 2 hours a day on their mobile device. If just a small portion of this time was going toward the usage of your app, then you're doing pretty good. A mobile app that increases interaction with your brand is great for boosting sales, but the trick in solid customer engagement is in providing a level of value that your customers can't find elsewhere. Loyalty programs are just one of the many ways of going about this.

Getting Ahead of the Competition

If you have a small business, then a mobile app could be just the thing for your brand to break away from the competition. Apps among the small business community are still scarce. It's never a bad decision to go the way of the forward-thinker.

Mobile trends are just one of the many facets that 100SEVEN is experienced in. Recently we developed a mobile app for Dr. Semler’s HeartPerks, an organization dedicated to the education and prevention of heart disease. When we initially met with them, they simply wanted a pedometer app. After our meeting, we persuaded them that this app needed to generate user-interest and revenue. We helped them focus on the person they were trying to reach, through a strategic brand position strategy. The end result was not only a pedometer app but also motivated the user into pursuing a healthier, improved lifestyle through attaining goals through the message ‘Just Walk: The Single Most Important Thing That You Can Do For The Health Of Your Heart’.


Curious about developing an app for your brand or business? We can bring your idea to life! Just like a website a couple of decades ago, a mobile app will be a basic constituent of any business in the future. The question is will you be an early adopter or arrive late to the party?