The Art Of Creating Your Own Tool (Pt. 2)


Have you ever thought about how the DIY (do-it-yourself) mentality has become such a staple of our culture? It seems to be everywhere you look. From the tiny home movement to your next-door neighbor’s Etsy business. The shift that began in the late 70’s from major record labels to independent labels ignited the wildfire that gave us the diverse, progressive gift of indie music. When the Sundance Film Festival was founded, it gave independent filmmakers opportunities that the Hollywood mainstream couldn’t provide. But music and film is just the tip of the iceberg. Today, there are more self-published books, underground magazines, independent films and so on, than ever before. DIY culture exists to give power to the creator and our culture thrives because of it.


As you know from Part 1, we’ve just finished creating our own little DIY project. 100SEVEN’s mobile camera crane is now fully operational and ready for business. So first chance we got, we ventured off into the heart of the gorge to shoot a car commercial with our new asset. For a sneak peak at how it went check out our behind the scenes video.

With complete 360 degree movement and a 17’ height range, the incredible amount of camera angles and techniques available made this DIY project worthwhile. We’re excited to see how the 100SEVEN crane will assist the brands and clients we work with! Stay tuned for the final version of our car commercial.


behind the scenesJoel