The Art of Creating Your Own Tool (Pt. 1)


To get to where you want to be, sometimes you have to build your own bridges. In 1937, Walt Disney wanted to find a way to progress animation. He rose to success with his lovable characters but success wasn’t enough. He wanted to be an innovator and make a lasting impact on the future of animation. His vision was to create an illusion of depth which would greatly stand apart from the single dimensional cartoons of the time. After a number of failed attempts, Walt and his technicians finally found that by having many different layers of artwork overlapped on top of each other and moving at different speeds, this effect was possible. US Patent #2,201,689, more widely known as Disney’s multiplane camera, went on to create groundbreaking feats in animation with films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Fantasia. This wouldn’t have happened if Disney hadn’t rolled up his sleeves and set to work on bringing his vision to life.


What we’ve taken from this story and many others like it, is that there is power in creating your own tool. Something you’ve worked tirelessly to create that can assist you in reaching your goals. As a growing creative agency, we’ve decided to build something of our own. We don’t expect it to revolutionize the world of small agency’s but it’s been an amazing learning process for us. It’s taken about a year but we’ve finally finished creating a completely mobile camera crane.


pic2 This has been a dream of our production team for a long time and it was no small task. With the help of some engineers, we constructed the aluminum frame piece by piece. Each part had to be made custom. The crane has complete 360-degree movement. In its lowest position the camera head can reach 3' below ground level and in its highest, it can reach up to 17'. The range of camera shots made possible by this crane is enough to get any production team excited. This camera car system is completely operated from within the car, holding the driver, camera head operator, crane head operator and the director. The crane is able to operate and move freely while driving. All it needs is a fresh, matte black paint job. This has been a huge project and we’re thrilled to see how we can use it to help the clients and brands we work with.



It’s been rewarding to find out that with a bit of innovation and some hard work, we were able to create something to assist us in what we do! You’ll be seeing 100SEVEN’s crane in action soon!

behind the scenesJoel