You thought last year was disruptive?


You thought last year was disruptive? Here are 3 items to look at for your business in 2017. If anything, the last quarter of 2016 has proven that everything is possible. As we watched the year spiral out of control, we can only imagine what 2017 has in-store. With so much uncertainty there’s one thing for certain, we can expect anything and everything in this coming year.

However, as a business gearing up for the new year, what do you do? Now, more than ever we believe there is opportunity for growth. This next year can prove to be an opportunity if one chooses to grasp it. Whether that means analyzing and optimizing your business or strategizing for growth, now is the time to do it. Here are a few thoughts when it comes to marketing and advertising this new year:

1. No, Social Media, SEO, or whatever other nonsense being pitched to you alone is NOT the answer to your problems. Don’t believe the lies.

There are many people selling SEO ranking, social media marketing and everything else in between. They promise big, for very cheap. Don’t be fooled into thinking they will solve your problems. Indeed such solutions will ignore the real issue. We believe that these are great tools, but like any tools they need to be used correctly, otherwise they waste your time and money at the very least and reputation at worst. It takes a strategic approach that begins with a question.

2. Relevance

In a time when there is so much noise, being relevant is more important now than ever. Being human in a time where everything is so machine-like is something to be brought up. Connecting with your audience on a deeper level has been important, and we think in 2017 will ever be more so. 

3. Is your team ready?

Time. Money. Quality. Staff. Cost. Is your team prepared? It’s a simple question that must be asked. There is something to be said about a third-party team working with you on achieving your goals. There is something to be said about partnering your business goals with a team of local experts that can help deliver results to reach and exceed those goals. How much are you spending right now? How much could you be saving? Is it worth a conversation? Let’s talk.

2017, here we come.

While entering 2017 may seem like we are approaching a cloud of fog, we drive confidently with deep respect for authentic human interaction. Authentic communication happens when one human interacts with another — eye to eye, idea to idea. We still believe brands can be human too.