What's Your Superpower?


Remember those dreaded group projects in college? The ones where after it was all over you’d sarcastically remark that when you die, you’d like your group mates to lower you into your grave so that they can let you down one last time. We all bear scars from those days, but on the flip side, have you ever been part of a team that absolutely transcended your expectations? Where no matter what the tasks, challenges, or obstacles in your way, nothing could stop you from reaching your goal. It’s a good feeling isn’t it? From Lennon/McCartney to the Trail Blazers, putting the right people together can result in amazing outcomes. Lately, we’ve been curious just what the secret is for a successful team. How do you thrive as a duo, a team, a company or an organization?


We’ve discovered that to attain success as a team, you have to look at the individuals. Each team member has their own unique, natural talent that they bring to the table. Our agency recently engaged in a simple exercise called ‘What’s Your Superpower?’ and it made clear when and how each member is at their best.

We found that Russ, our art directors’ strength is empathy, with an exceptional attentiveness for perception. David, consumer insight extraordinaire has a knack for ingenuity, mixing the resources he has access to with imagination and optimism. Shannon, our social media strategist has a knack for gap detection. Boggie, our Account Managers’ superpower is negotiation, which is actually not that surprising considering the amount of time he spends on the phone with clients. Our marketing communications specialist Louisa, has the power of evangelizing, our production manager Natalya, has the power of grit, our copywriter Joel, has the power of harmony...we could go on and on.

Our small agency has absolutely no overlap of superpowers. Each team member contributes a different mindset and a unique perspective. This diversity of thought and strategizing has led to great work that we’re all very proud of. Whether your company consists of 10 employees or 1000 employees, knowing what the strengths and weaknesses of your individual team members can lead to new insights in how your organization operates. If you’re interested in how your team works, ‘What’s Your Superpower?’ is a valuable way to reverse engineer your organization and look at how each component operates. The results just might surprise you.