An Open Mind + Commitment = Crazy Stuff


Let’s start off by stating the obvious: opportunities work in mysterious ways. However, a very real question a lot of us often ask is how do you see opportunity when it is right in front of you? It’s very common to have a perception that opportunity is outside of our control, but is it? Do we have more control than we think?

On the recent trip to LA I’ve realized something: opportunity does not only come to us, we can go to it. In fact, we are able to affect our circumstances and align elements to some degree in order to allow an opportunity to present itself. Our simple side project, Portland Creatives, began growing and we soon found ourselves looking at a very real opportunity. How did we get to this point? How did we know this would grow into something bigger?

100SEVEN vists LA, California

An Open Mind

The short answer is, we DIDN’T know. We started because we had passion and some free time for this project. From the beginning we embraced a sense of openness to what the project could evolve into. It all started with a name. We set an initial direction, purpose, and vision, but the strength, however, came from the ability to keep an open mind and to be always seeking feedback. It’s interesting to look back because we had a very different project when we started only a year ago.

I believe having an open mind is a very important element in our formula. The reality is you will not always achieve what you set out to achieve in the exact way you set out to achieve it in. No matter how much planning or research you put in, there is an element of intuition and keeping an open mind that is required in order to be successful.

100SEVEN vists LA, California


The second element that I believe really helps drive new opportunities is commitment. The funny thing is, it’s almost the exact opposite of the previous point, keeping an open mind. For us, commitment means to continue, no matter how difficult it may seem.

We believe it is important to be committed to some foundation. We were committed to the fact that we were going to initially create a video-based series. We were committed to the fact that there was an initial investment on our end, resulting in us self-funding the entire first season. We were committed to pursuing this project with an open mind, even when we knew it may end up looking a little different after we were done - a very important key in our creative process. Always molding, always looking for a way to improve and shape a creation.

100SEVEN vists LA, California

Crazy Stuff

There is something to be said about not giving up.

The things that end up happening unexpectedly is what we call the crazy stuff. It happens eventually and, when it does, you think back and ask yourself, "how was this all possible?" Amazed, yet nervous, knowing this is only the beginning and there is something even crazier over the horizon.