Portland Creatives: Original Series


ORIGINAL SERIES COMING THIS JANUARY. Portland is a unique city. It's taken that pioneering spirit which the Pacific Northwest is known for, and has directed it towards reaching new heights in the creative output. Every new day in PDX musicians are experimenting with new genres of music, food carts are developing new ways to awaken our palates, and creative’s across the metropolitan area are pioneering things which haven’t been done before.

We want to take snapshots of the creatives influencing PDX culture here and now. The individuals we feature are carefully chosen from the wide variety of actively creative people in the bridge city. Each different, each with their own experience. Portland has a story to tell and we're going to share it one creative at a time.

This project originated as an idea that we've been visiting and revisiting for some time. It's one of those ideas which you have to set it on a shelf and take the time to plan out every last detail. We are now excited to present this new project from 100SEVEN.

Portland Creatives is our attempt to spotlight the inspiring, exciting things happening in our city. These are the stories of the compelling people who drive Portland's culture.