Achieve Your Desire

BMW of Portland


A car is obviously more than just 4 wheels and an engine. With all the models out there, it’s becoming more of a challenge for brands to decipher what exactly is happening in the mind of a driver that loves being behind the wheel of their ride. If you’ve ever driven a BMW then you know firsthand just how enticing the relationship between driver and vehicle can be.

Our concept manifested into a love triangle between a couple and their car. In our story, the girl experiences jealousy at first. Her guy’s attention is solely focused on the enjoyment he gets out of driving this car. She feels threatened by it. As the story progresses, she realizes its the experience of driving the car that she was after all along. Her jealousy has transitioned into envy for the enjoyment that driving the car provides. Human emotions are complex and the actions and motives of our characters revolve around them. A BMW is desirable. What would you do to get behind the wheel?


This question is what sparked our enthusiasm to work with BMW when we teamed up with a local dealership to shoot a commercial. Not only did we get to explore the psychology of what attaches a driver to their car, but we were able to utilize the newest asset to our production team; a fully operational mobile camera crane.


Our commercial communicates the playful competition a couple can endure to have the satisfaction of driving a BMW. Not only did we prove to ourselves that we are capable of shooting large production automotive commercials, but BMW was thrilled with the results. From this project, many doors of opportunity have been opened for our agency. We’re excited to see what’s in store for us next!